i heart bacon! who doesn’t??? anyways, it’s not my favorite thing to cook though because it takes time to get the right crispiness..but doesn’t take much effort.  i’ve cooked it on my Foreman and on a pan but my ABSOLUTE favorite way to cook bacon now is in the oven. yes, i said it “in the oven!”. it produces the right amount of crispiness with little to no effort!

ok here’s the secret:

  • line your baking sheet sheet with foil for easy clean-up
  • lay out your bacon on the sheet — don’t overlap!
  • put the sheet in the cold oven
  • turn up the oven to 400 degrees and set your timer for 22 – 25 mins
  • put bacon on a paper towel to “degrease” it

…and there you have it — amazingly crispy bacon! OM NOM!



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