What does it mean to be fit?

What does it mean to be fit?

This video explores the different training styles of Bodybuilding and CrossFit.  Both sides agreed that no matter what you’re doing for fitness, the important thing is that you’re active and not just sitting on your couch watching TV all day.  Also, both training styles emphasized the importance of form in all movements.  Keeping perfect form will prevent injuries in the gym or box.

Here is a brief description of Bodybuilders vs. CrossFitters:

Bodybuilders train to sculpt their bodies to look tone.  They believe that strength training is the best way to lose body fat and build lean muscle.  It’s all about aesthetics for them.  The male bodybuilder in the video even made a few comments about how guys are more concerned with how they look around the ladies in the gym.  They demonstrated a goblet squat into a push press with a kettlebell as well as ab twists using a medicine ball.  When the male bodybuilder demonstrated the ab twists, he was concerned about “bulking up his obliques” so he recommended using a light weight. Really???

CrossFitters incorporate functional movements in their training so they are able to perform everyday tasks such as lifting heavy objects from the ground or putting heavy items overhead.  It’s a journey and lifestyle that helps people be as healthy as they can be.  They incorporate different aspects in their training that will change their body composition altogether.  They demonstrated burpees and dumbbell snatches.  The burpee shown would be bad form according to our Dynamis standard, but it illustrated a full body dynamic movement.

Who is more fit?

The host of the show asked both sides who is more fit and they BOTH agreed that CrossFitters are more fit since they incorporate EVERYTHING in their training.  The bodybuilders admitted that if they were to compete with CrossFitters in high intensity workouts, they would lose.  The CrossFitters’ lifestyle will help them be prepared for any physical task they need to do.  Because their main concern is to work out the heart and not look good, people will feel better as opposed to be more concerned with how they look. Maybe that’s why the globo gyms are infested with mirrors while normal CrossFit boxes don’t have any mirrors!


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