we’re pregnant!

14weeksit’s been a long time since i’ve blogged.  i’ve just been so busy with work that i put this on the back burner. no excuses! anyways, since the last time, we have some news! we’re pregnant! yay! because of my new condition, the bf has come up with a new nickname “BITO” (bun in the oven). fun stuff. so…i added a new category to this page call “#bito #ness” to record this pregnancy. i wanted to write about how i feel, how i’m eating, and how Crossfit is working out for me. so here goes:

i was lucky enough to kind of miss my first trimester.  i was travelling for work in Europe and i didn’t have time to think about being sick. luckily, i didn’t have the typical morning sickness.  i only felt very fatigued. i was forced to snap out of it because i wanted to make the most of my trip.  i was gone for three weeks, which meant that i didn’t Crossfit for three weeks.  i believe it was a good thing.  if i was home, i don’t think i would’ve had enough energy to even drive to the gym!  anyways, we went to the doctor shortly after i returned from Europe and it was confirmed. we are now 15 and a half weeks and we will be due on May 12, 2014.  May will be a CRAZY month for our family since tom and my birthdays are in May and our anniversary.  it’s going to be exciting!

as far as Crossfit and fitness goes, i came back to the gym after the Europe trip and i was so much weaker than i remembered.  i blamed it on the fact that i haven’t been in the gym for 3 weeks.  i consistently came to the gym doing multiple short metcons and lifting weights thinking that will help.  NOPE!  i was still tired and still weak.  i looked through blogs and they were all consistent in saying that when your body is “building” a baby, that’s where you energy and strength is being spent.  it’s normal to feel weaker and slower.  in fact, i need to start lowering my weights and limiting my metcons to short ones.  this made me feel slightly better but it’s still messing with my head.  i’m a competitive person so i’m bummed when i can’t won’t get stronger and faster with all the other Dynamis ladies.  i just need to keep reminding myself that my baby needs me to conserve my energy for him.  🙂  we did “Grace” for Barbells for Boobs last saturday and i was bummed i couldn’t go Rx.  i did it with 65 pounds and i finished in 2:32.

what about my nutrition?  usually when i’m away for business, i stray away from paleo.  whenever possible, i will stay on track but when i’m in a different country, i’m curious to try their native cuisines.  this was the beginning of the end.  when i came back, i didn’t get back on the paleo wagon because the smell of broccoli and salmon made me gag.  all i wanted was salty foods, such as fries, breakfast burritos, chinese food, etc.  i even had McDonald’s for the first time in a long time! tsk tsk!  i’m still eating “badly” but not as bad as before.  i’m eating rice still because that’s the only thing that’s filling me up.  i can eat broccoli again if it’s cooked in a delicious marinade.  also, i can eat salmon if it’s seasoned properly.  i’ve made the executive decision that i definitely need to control what types of foods i’m eating, but i’m not going to the extreme of eating strict paleo until after this pregnancy.  i’ve read in so many blogs and articles that when you’re pregnant, you will lose out on the benefits that whole grains can offer to pregnant ladies.

so that’s the update on the BITO for now! i’ll be sure to provide updates and provide details on exactly how i feel with WODs and food.  the doctor warned me that i’ll be exhausted once again like in the first trimester soon.  :/ because of that, i’m just going to do what i can and just listen to my body.  🙂


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