27 weeks and counting

#BITO here just checking in.  work has been super hectic so my personal life has been placed on hold for a bit.  here’s the update on me: i’ve been trying to CrossFit 2 to 3 times a week, i’ve gained about 25 pounds so far, my nutrition is ok – not the best, and most importantly, I FEEL HUGE!  luckily, my strength in the gym hasn’t deteriorated completely.  i’m still able to perform up to 75% of my maxes for most lifts.  repeated deadlifts are starting to become uncomfortable so i’ve resorted to doing hang cleans and hang snatches.  despite all the websites saying i shouldn’t squat below parallel, i still do.  it’s just natural for me to do so.   metcons seem impossible for me to complete without taking multiple breaks.  i just pace myself and remind myself that i’m not allowed to let my heart rate increase uncontrollably.  i will try to record my WODs and exactly how i feel after.  in the meantime, here’s a short video of me performing 3 unbroken hang cleans when i was about 26 weeks:

my new bar path is definitely noticeable.  other than that, it felt comfortable and not overly heavy.  although my strength isn’t 100%, i’m still impressed that i’m able to move reasonably high weights still.  i posted this on facebook because i was impressed with myself and wanted to share it, but it wasn’t a good idea.  i have very traditional aunts and uncles, who didn’t approve of me lifting weights during my pregnancy.  they were overly concerned that i will harm the baby.   i will never do anything to hurt my baby especially with the husband coaching me, but i understand their concerns.

as far as my prenatal visits go, we had a little bit of a scare.  like many pregnant ladies, i “failed” the first glucose screening test, so i had to take the three-hour glucose test.  i passed the second one with flying colors, so that’s good news.  the only thing that they did notice is that i’m anemic, so now i have to take iron supplements twice a day.  iron-deficient people will fatigue easily, so maybe these supplements will help me with working out!  we’ll see!

well, that’s all the updates i have for now.  i know the last time i mentioned that i will provide specific updates with WODs and food.  i will definitely try harder this time to make that happen.  work has definitely mellowed out a bit, so my mind isn’t preoccupied with that.  until next time…


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