makes me want to dance!


my life in a nutshell


this progression depicts my life story. i was larger than what was healthy — although i wasn’t obese. i led a carefree lifestyle where i didn’t care about what i consumed. i had a very sedentary lifestyle where the only physical activity i participated in was dancing at the clubs while drinking tons of alcohol.

THEN i discovered personal training at 24 hour fitness. it was then that i discovered caloric intake and output. i became obsessed with the numbers that it controlled my life. this obsession resulted in a 30 pound weight loss and 15% body fat loss. i looked great and i was encouraged to enter a figure competition, where i dedicated myself to training and dieting to look good on stage. after that experience, i realized that i didn’t want to be on a “diet” forever and that i wanted to maintain a lean lifestyle on and off-season. bodybuilders and figure competitors are amazing athletes; however, that lifestyle is just not for me. i wanted a lifestyle where i felt good about myself and i looked healthy everyday.

FINALLY i discovered CrossFit and paleo eating. i embodied this healthy lifestyle where i’m not consistently counting calories or weighing food. i can eat as much paleo foods that i want and i don’t feel guilty “cheating”. if i do “cheat” i won’t quickly gain fat back. when i’m working out, i’m not concentrating on working on isolated muscle groups over and over again. instead i’m practicing functional movements with weights or not. my training is constantly varied so my body is guessing every time i step into the gym. also i no longer spend three hours in the gym where most of the time is spent recovering between reps. instead i’m in and out of the gym working every minute. i love this lifestyle and i’m constantly challenged to do better everyday. most importantly i like to freak people out with how much weight i can move!

it’s easy to forget where you started and how far you’ve come along. every time i look at old pictures, i’m reminded how strong i am inside and out. that motivates me to be a better person inside the gym and out in the world…so..that’s my life in a nutshell…

Christopher Robin inspires…

“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

-Christopher Robin

in order to get ahead in CrossFit and in life, you need to believe in yourself and not doubt yourself. most of the time you need to get out of your head to lift that heavy ass weight! just like Coach T often says…just get stupid!

Hello world!

how YOU doing?? well i decided to start a blog so i can share my adventures mainly in the kitchen paleo style but also adventures with CrossFit and everything else that matters to me. hopefully you find my life interesting..if not please don’t follow/read my blogs. fair enough? anyways…i’m still new to the wordpress thing so please bare with me while i get all of this set up. 🙂